It is the mission of the Morning Star Preschool to provide a Christ-centered learning and developmental experience for young children together with a quality academic education.

Our Objective

• Is safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate for effective learning. • Recognizes and validates the child’s strengths and interests. • Is God centered. Instills Christian character, values and beliefs. • Promotes educational readiness that emphasizes literary skills as well as social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual and creative ambitions. • Inspires your child to learn, create and play.

Our Admission Policy

Morning Star Preschool, as a ministry of Morning Star Fellowship, admits any student without regard to race, color, national and/or ethnic origin. Students are entitled to all rights, programs and activities made available to the school.

3/4 Year Class - $1300 per year. (10 payments of $130) 4/5 PreK Class - $1600 per year. (10 payment of $160)

Registration and Activity Fee: $50

Attendee Types

  • $1,350 – 3/4 Class 4 remaining
  • $1,650 – 4/5 Class 4 remaining
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MSTAR Preschool 2018-19 School Year

Event Details

  • Feb 6
    6:00 pm
    Jun 30
    8:00 pm